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Love in One Night: Part 2

Written by Michele Lyons

The next morning I was reeling in remembrance of the night before. I closed my eyes and felt his lips on mine. I could still smell him on me. It was a scent I can’t describe, but I loved it! That night was the best sexual experience I had ever had! The way he handled me like a beast. Nothing like my husband, whose idea of sex is him on top and me laying there like a mannequin.

Darius and I enjoyed each other. It's like our bodies were in tune with each other. Touching and kissing, him breathing on the nape of my neck. My cell phone started buzzing.

“Hello?” I whispered seeing it was Darius and my husband in the next room.

He was whispering too “Can you get away tonight? I want some more you,” He laughed.

“Yes,” I said, “Where can we meet?”

“Same hotel,” he said.

I hesitated before saying, “I can’t stop thinking of last night.”

“Me either,” he said so softly.

“See you tonight, bye” I replied.

In walked my husband, “Where are you going tonight?“

“Out with the girls,” I said.

“Still acting like a little hoe I see. You’re married!”

“Barely,” I said laughing.

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing. Get out of here, you're aggravating me” I said.

Our marriage was nothing but a sham. I married him so I could be safe. He was safe. I shook my head, what was I thinking...

I knocked at the hotel door nervously. I wanted to jump on him. He grabbed me, kissing me all over my face.

He spun me around “Girl you looking good enough to eat!” he said.

I laughed blushing “You’re not looking so bad yourself,” I said. He was too sexy.

He had a candlelight dinner spread out on the floor with a black silk blanket. He even had silver glitter and rose petals everywhere.

“Sit” he said.

We ate chicken wings, fries, and macaroni and cheese. Not your normal romantic dinner, but it was different. He was different. We spent the next few hours just talking and getting to know each other. Turned out we had so much in common I laid on his chest listening to him talk about his childhood or the lack thereof. He had it rough.

Drug addicted mother who lost custody of him and being adopted at age nine creating lots of trust issues. I spoke light into him, letting him know about my childhood. How my own mother left me when I needed her most. All the things a young girl needed to know I had to learn from friends. My father tried but he couldn’t be a mom no matter what he did. We were just talking and learning each other. We talked so much I drifted off to sleep on his chest.

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