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Love In One Night: Part 3

Written by Michele Lyons

I woke up in the morning so refreshed. Darius was holding me still asleep. I rolled out of the bed and I guess he was a light sleeper. He opened his eyes “Good morning,” he said smiling. My heart did a flip.

“Good morning Darius, I want you to know last night was one of the best nights I’ve had in awhile.”

“Me too,” he replied

I started putting my clothes on. 

“I gotta go home,” I stated.

“I know me too, the wife probably mad as hell,” he said. “But she will be alright. 

“Yea, I know what you mean, my husband. Ugh,“ I said laughing. “Darius I want to see you again.”

“Trust me, you will. I want this to be something we do always.” He kissed me. I kissed him right back. I felt like I was floating. He was so smooth. We left out at the same time I was thinking what am I going to tell this wack ass nigga. I was dreading going home after the night I had just finished.

Pulling into the driveway my mind was on Darius. He had this extra sexy grin. I thought about how he opened up to me. He was a lost little boy with so much pain in him. I just wanted to nurture him and show him life. I trusted him, yet I barely knew him. I couldn’t wait to see him again. My text message went off.

“Tonight dinner and a surprise. You down?”

I smiled texting back, “Hell yes!”

“Where were you?” said Paul my husband.

“I got too drunk. Fell asleep on Tamika couch,” I lied, rolling my eyes .

“Baby.” he started,

baby I thought negro please we are not on no pet name basis he was talking about how worried he was. He was sounding like the adults on Charlie Brown waa was waaa. I could not hear anything he was saying I was already planning for tonight. I had to come up with a plan to get out of the house.

“Paul, I gotta babysit for my stepmom tonight so I’ll be home but late ok.”

“Yea, ok.” he said. “I just want to talk when you get home.”

“Ok cool.” I had no intentions of talking to Paul he was such a crybaby. How do you pretend to be married all for the sake of pleasing your mom? But that is a whole different story, I tell you all about it later.

I had on an all black dress that hugged my every curve. I knew I was looking good. I was so ready for tonight. Arriving at this fabulous restaurant I barely could pronounce the name of; I valet parked and stepped inside. There he was, looking ever so dapper and debonair. He had on a fly ass blue fitted suit, with no tie; haircut was on 1000, with the waves. I hugged him. He smelled like heaven. He grabbed one of my booty cheeks whispering in my ear “you ready?”

“So ready,” I replied.

The hostess sat us at a table by the window I moved my chair so I could be right next to him.....I loved being close to this man.

He whispered in my ear “Do you feel it?”

When he said that it was like my heart dropped into my stomach. I knew just what he meant. Our food arrived and he fed me like I was a baby he kissed me and whispered, “Because you are my baby.” It was like he was reading my mind.

The restaurant had a dance floor. “Can we dance, baby?” I asked with my baby voice.

“We can do anything you want,” he said smiling and standing.

As we walked to the dance floor he was telling me his plans for life for us. He said that this feeling was foreign to him but he never wanted it to stop. Once on the dance floor we began to dance together but I couldn’t focus on the music. I was lost in him.

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