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The Entrepreneurship of Art

Written by E. LeMar Smith

Any artist worth their weight in gold is always running towards their dream to be the best, create the best or perform the best. They take full responsibility for where they are in life and don’t allow the opinion of others deter them from their goal of being a successful art entrepreneur.

Now that the sculpture has been chiseled, the picture has been drawn, the music lyrics composed, and the dance choreographed, how does the art entrepreneur survive the business side of their creativity?

Art is beautiful, but art is also a business that every art entrepreneur needs to seriously consider. Art entrepreneurs must not only keep their eye on their masterpiece but also, they must maintain a clear focus on the goal of their masterpiece.

What is the end goal for your creation?

There is a business side to every art transaction and to survive in the marketplace, art entrepreneurs must not only create their work of art but also ensure that they are not outpaced by their competition.

There are entrepreneurial considerations that all artists need to not only survive in business but also thrive in the art marketplace.

Yes, creativity is at the core of every artist but how well are you positioning yourself in the area of developing your craft, financing your business and marketing your creation?

Ask yourself, as an artist how well is your ability to not only be a visionary for your masterpiece but do you have the ability to see business opportunities that other artists are not able to see?

Most artists have spent a lot of time creating but what value have you placed on your work by ensuring that it is discovered, sold or viewed?

You may have dreamed up the portrait, illustration, dance sequence or pottered piece and worked hard to see it through to fruition but how will you market your work of art?

What does your competition look like to potential buyers of similar work?

How crowded is the art marketplace for your type of work?

As an artist, you cannot shy away from opportunities if you want to thrive as an art entrepreneur. Don’t let your creativity end when the work has ended, follow up and carry through to the next level. Your art means nothing if no one wants to pay to see it or own it. To have positive cash flow you must have customers, and to have customers, you have to be able to market your art and close the deal.

Successful art entrepreneurs must work on their art as well as work on their business with the same passion, commitment, and determination. Let the focus and creativity that inspires you to materialize the vision inside your mind, also be the catalyst that drives you to ensure that the business side of your art is taken care of. Art entrepreneurs must be resourceful, create networks, refine marketing strategies and plan for success. Develop relationships that can funnel customers your way. Be resourceful by placing your art in high traffic areas to increase exposure.

Yes, you are an artist, but you must also see yourself through the lens of an art entrepreneur and thus deliberately plan for your creativity and business success. Be Creative! Be Innovative! Be Extraordinary! Always Be Closing Your Art Deal! Be Great!

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