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The Beauty Enhancer

Written by [(i’zek)]

“Everything around you is beauty.”

Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder well Sherika, a Master Cosmetologist, says beauty is in the hands of the enhancer. Sherika has been dubbed "The Beauty Enhancer" due to her ability to execute various hair and make-up styles with skillful perfection as well as her capacity to connect with every single client that sits in her chair.

Beauty is an element that presents itself in layers; the inner and outer beauty. A master cosmetologist has the capacity to influence both. While cosmetology is defined as the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin, the art form is much more profound.

The process of doing make-up in the sense of using colors and brushes is similar to a painter painting a picture with one’s face as the blank canvas.

Doing someone’s hair resembles meticulously sculpting a masterpiece out of marble.

Sherika, like her painting and sculpting counterparts, is a true artist. And just like most forms of art, it isn’t only visually appealing but it’s speaks to one’s soul.

“Getting your hair and make-up done is a form of therapy.” 

Sherika puts forth a grand effort to ensure each client feels comfortable and at home in her chair. While Sherika focuses on the process of enhancing her client’s beauty, she takes time to get to know her clients. At the end of the process an intimate spiritual and emotional connection is established. In essence, Sherika’s clients not only leave with their external beauty enhanced but they leave with their spirits uplifted.

 Sherika feels that being beautiful is simply being who really are, but sometimes we just need a little help bringing forth our natural and innate beauty.

So whether you need sew-ins or braids, locks or line-ups, lashes or eyebrows Sherika can enhance your current look.  Sherika styles both men and women.

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