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In Her Image

Written by G Streat 

Sometimes a change of location brings a shift in perspective. Tina Strickland wouldn’t be the first, and certainly won’t be the last tourist enamored by the land down under. Full of curious critters as well as otherworldly plant and aquatic life, Australia truly is a natural wonderland.

Moved to capture the beautiful landscape, Tina shot anything that caught her eye. Then, something came to her that would forever alter how she perceived the world. “Those are nice but what can I do to make them look better?” Simply snapping photos of her surroundings weren’t enough.

Dissatisfied with the quality of her images, Tina embarked on a journey that continues to this day. “From that point forward, I made it my mission to learn as much as I could about photography.”

Relentless, Tina shot anything or anyone she could get in front of her camera. Unable to find her groove, Tina started a blog. Shooting and sharing each day reinforced her commitment to her grind and her craft.

Eventually, something caught her eye. Tina noticed a theme within her work. “Most of my subjects consisted of strong women.”

“It wasn’t so much the women, it was the way I photographed them, the instructions that I gave them when they were in front of my camera. And they just seemed to elicit my feeling and vision back to me.”

Lightning struck twice as another revelation suddenly emerged.

“The women on my father’s side are very strong. I had those examples.”

Primed with inspiration, Tina became determined to fill a void. “Who’s bringing forth the beauty of the black models here?” It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Perhaps a similar notion applies to creativity.

“I see our beauty and our strength and I want to celebrate that.”

Through her lens, this photographer accentuates the grace, strength and allure of the female form. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. With each shot, Tina not only gives us a chance to reconnect with the beautifully human aspects of ourselves, but she also encourages us to appreciate and nurture the women in our lives.


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