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All Hail The HippieQueen!

Written by G Streat 

Free flowing. Free spirited.

“I just really enjoy the movement of the brush.”

Both fluid and vibrant, Jasmine Molin’s work is a love letter to movement. Each stroke animates the beauty she admires in her subjects. There’s something candid about the moments she depicts. Hints of vulnerability, quiet conviction, and sensuality underscore her work. At times, she even sprinkles her canvases with a touch of voyeurism.

“I feel like beauty is more of an aura rather than what you see.”

Maybe that’s what we’re seeing. Could it be that Jasmine’s strokes and colors mimic the visual ambiance, the aura, of these beautiful people who catch her eye? Is it possible that the colors, as Jasmine sees them, dance on and around their skin and in their hair?

“I want to make sure that inner beauty really shines.”

Her intention sings. On the skin of the women in her purview, radiant hues abound. Natural hair gets plenty of love too.

“I want to make sure that my artwork really captures the beauty of the quiet and the still of those people who have those calming, caring spirits but just don’t get recognized.”

Jasmine’s commitment to recognize those found in the recesses of our overstimulated world is refreshing. She invites her audience to mute the noise and to tune into the spaces less considered. Those who accept are treated to an uncommon celebration of femininity and melanin.

“Strive to be uncommon. That’s just something that I feel people should do in their artwork. Feel free to be you.”

Spoken like a true hippie.

Only the freest of spirits could visually articulate color and movement the way Jasmine does. Her spirit and brush wander across the canvas. Not one to fear the unknown, Jasmine also finds inspiration outside of her comfort zone.

“I love putting myself in uncomfortable positions.”

Her reward for venturing out is a process that fuels her free spirit. Thankfully, Jasmine is comfortable sharing her art and energy with all of us.

Good looking Jasmine. Can we get some more?


Find Jasmine’s work on her website, on Facebook and Instagram @HippieQueenArtwork.

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