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Art Is Creative Freedom without Words

Written by Regina Herring

Have you noticed a lot of people are going by their first or last name only? The chosen name has to be able to stand alone; like Prince, Beyonce, Cher, I could go on. The people I named are all successful in music - a different type of art. When you reflect on modern painters you don’t think of a singular name; Jean-Michel Basquiat. Andy Warhol, Jacob Lawrence – all very talented in their own way.

A young man full of dreams and talent, Gooch has a commanding name to endure whatever is thrown his way. As a child, his mom kept him dressed in the latest fashions which was his inspiration to start designing his own clothes and shoes. The paradox of Gooch’s initial art career was while in high school drawing on clothes and shoes he was also failing art classes. In May 2018 Gooch started drawing on canvases, which he’s still doing, but now combined with physical mixed media. He says he still draws on clothing but has slowed down a lot in order to focus on his canvas art.

Gooch experiences a creative freedom when he draws on a canvas versus drawing on clothes or shoes. Drawing on canvases allows his mind to run wild and provides the platform to tell stories in picture. Each drawing has a purpose and meaning which makes them personal to him.

Gooch gets inspiration for his drawings from everywhere. Inspiration comes from within or outside. The pieces he has created so far tell his story of what he’s been going through so far; stories that others can relate to. He has 6 pieces that caught my attention; “The Chase”, “Visual” and “Visuals 2”. These 3 are paintings, color pencils and paint brushes, are of items that can be used to bring ideas to life. You can see the happiness the colors emit! The possibilities are endless!

The painting “The Life and Death Grenade” has its essential meaning in the title. The white flower symbolizes life while the black flowers symbolize death. The grenade is an explosive used to hurt or kill and the red blood is the pain and emotion of everything you go through.

“Murica” is a picture of the American Flag and lots of dollar bills both burned and dirty. Gooch said this is his most controversial piece and he has received a lot of criticism including people approaching him about capitalism and the illegality of the flag being burnt. It’s his favorite piece because of the controversy; it makes people think. He believes America’s biggest focused is making money. Money can buy anything including freedom. Everything comes with a price. The short version of the piece is how America values life. Even though “Murica” is extremely controversial, the painting has actually received more positive feedback than negative feedback.

“The Black Effect” is one of his earliest paintings. Gooch said it’s a representation of his mom. Unbeknownst to her, it symbolizes the sacrifices and support she has always provided. It’s one of his favorite pieces and his mom still does not know it’s about her. I think that is special. He did say he will tell her eventually.

Gooch said he would like his legacy 20-30 years from now to be of someone who told the truth about himself. He’s not in it for the money just for his art to be known. He would like people to look at his paintings and know they came from his heart. He hopes to be an inspiration to others and encourage them to follow their dreams because that’s what he’s doing now.


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