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Faith and Beauty in The Chaos

Written by Isaque 

As the saying goes, what you see is what you get and what you get with Nina’s artwork is pure and unadulterated expression. With her headphones resting snug in her ears listening to instrumentals, Nina creates each masterpiece with no specific direction. “I just find a place and paint.” Usually in a public setting, with her eyes fixed on her canvas thinking of her freedom, Nina paints amongst the chaos of nature and people. Even amongst all the people, she stands alone deep into her process of painting.

Nina doesn’t mind the interruptions of the people around her; she welcomes it as a part of her process. This is where Nina finds her peace, creating amongst the chaos of the outside external forces of nature and people walking and talking. She even occasionally has passers-by stop and ask her questions about her work. She doesn’t concern herself with interruptions, she paints to completion.

The inspiration for Nina’s artwork comes from God, family, community, and her ancestors which are rooted in feminine energy and her connection to a Higher Power. Her art pays her respect to the foundation of life; woman. Every person on Earth is here through the passage of a woman. The essence of a woman is strong and the woman is the core of life. Nina’s art is a mix of vibrant, beautiful colors and exotic shapes. No matter how you look at her paintings you will find an outline of a woman. The curves of a woman are a common thread in almost all of her work. “If I’m not sure where to or how to start I’ll start by painting a woman.”

Another element that is consistent in Nina’s artwork is faith, which is extremely important to her. Not only is her spiritual faith important, but her faith in herself. The faith and courage it takes to be vulnerable and open in front of the world. The faith she has to take a blank canvas and pour her soul into it. If you look and stare into Nina’s work and let it absorb you as you consume it, you begin to see into your own mind; into your own soul.

“In one of my paintings, if you look really hard, you can see a cross. It has meaning, that there is peace amidst the chaos.” The cross is symbolic for faith amongst the distractions and disorder. Beyond the colors, the shapes, the techniques, the strokes and the brushes, if you look close enough beyond the chaos, you will find peace. This is a metaphor for life. despite what is going on around us we must find our own peace of mind and fortify our faith.

As profound as Nina’s artwork is, her words tend to be equally prolific. Nina advises that amongst the chaos “if you have been given a gift, be intentional and make time for your purpose.”

You can find more of Nina’s work on Instagram @abstracted_ninacheri.



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