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For the Love of Art

Written by Juliana Mims

At a time when America grapples with divisiveness, we are excited to introduce a man whose superpower just might unite people. B/ue (pronounced Blue) Robin is the “Artist of Love,” and every work he creates expresses some element of love. Originally from Philadelphia, this life long creative studied art and graphic design in college before pursuing art professionally. He launched B/ue Robin Graphic Design Company, a business that he still owns and operates. About five years into that life, an invitation to participate in an Atlanta art show sparked B/ue’s transition out of his comfort zone. While he’s an entrepreneur for sure, with his artistic gift he feels called to, “...not just focus on money but to focus on using art to help and heal people.” He believes that “...teaching people to move in love and trust it and not be afraid of it, could literally change everything and wipe out a lot of the problems we face.”

B/lue observed love’s problem-solving ability early in life. He grew up in a family that was half Christian and half Muslim. He had the unique experience of witnessing love and respect for those different practices in the same space. He was aware of the stark contrast in how his family embraced differences versus how the outside world uses them to divide. A childhood rooted in acceptance shaped his journey to producing the unifying works he creates today.

As an artist, love is his focal point, because, “ Everybody has their own message or story to tell. For me, my superpower is seeing love in everything.” Beyond expressing it through art, love serves as a major influence by which his life moves are checked and balanced. “How,” he asks himself, “ do I determine if I’m making the right move or sound decision. Is it me first loving myself? Loving my community? Loving my environment? If it meets those standards then I move forward in that direction.” It's easy to imagine the clarity that likely results from such thoughtful introspection. As to why more people don’t engage love more deeply in that way, B/ue understands that for all its greatness, sadly many people actually fear love.

People fear love, “because they have a notion of what its supposed to be and don’t allow it to be what it is. People fear losing it and fear it being taken away from them. In that fear, you miss out on enjoying it while you have it.” The vulnerability with which this artist discusses these raw emotions is eloquently translated to his artwork. He seeks to convey “the passionate love between husband and wife, mother and child, or even between friends. Showing the truth behind love isn’t always pretty or look nice.” He believes that “ showing all the sides of love doesn’t take anything away but offers a realistic depiction.” 

Since love is a powerful four-letter word, we asked B/ue to choose the four pieces from his extensive portfolio that best capture his unique message of love. Visit his website and you’ll understand why it wasn’t easy to pick just a few. Every piece from his entire catalog conveys some element of love. We love these pieces and think you will too.

Black Magic - B/lue’s is inspired by love but music also serves to stimulate the direction of his work. This piece captures musician and music vibing off each other. This is a good place to mention the immersive experience of B/lue’s website. There, not only can you view his art, but he’s also embedded the tracks that inspire each piece. As an art lover, you’ll enjoy the multi-sensory engagement.

Redd Foxx - This exquisite depiction of one of the best comics who ever did it feature’s Robin’s love of the hidden element. Look closely and let us know in the comments if you see it. He picked this piece because it expresses love through laughter. Comics make jokes about others but a lot of their hard-hitting material is self-effacing humor that resonates widely because of its authenticity.

Purple King - B/ue’s abstract interpretation of Prince works around an image that you might miss if you don’t ‘stare.’ In fact, Prince’s song Stare is one of the inspirational tracks for this piece. Go a little deeper with this imagery and let us know what you see and how it makes you feel.

Come 4 Me - You have to explore this piece further on his website and as you view it, listen to the David Banner music that inspired the art. The song Cleopatra Jones is the mature man’s exploration of his love for the various facets of a powerful woman. He acknowledges his admiration for her strength and leadership while respectfully yet in a raw way making it clear that he desires her sexuality. Come 4 Me features music icon Erykah Badu where in this piece, she too depicts the depths of love. It captures the beauty of Badu’s instantly recognizable face, which highlights B/ue’s obvious talent for portrait work. His conceptual creativity is on full display in the power of how her feminine energy is reflected in her sword, which bears the blood of whoever dared to come against her family. This piece demonstrates love’s full range of power. It is a mother protecting her child, a wife protecting her family. It is a clear understanding that “love for self, love for my people, but if you cross ‘that line’ then it’s gon be what it’s gon be.”



You can connect with B/ue Robin on his website

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