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Letting God Lead the Way

Written by Whitney Howard

Shayla Johnson is a self-taught artist who is in a class by herself. Shayla has always had a love for art. Even when she was younger she would spend time doing her older brother’s art projects.

Two years ago, Ms. Johnson unleashed her talent and began to seriously paint. Sometimes God closes a window and opens a door. Well 2017 Shayla’s window closed when she lost her job, but the door to entrepreneurship opened. Although she put in quite a bit of energy looking for a job, she soon realized that same energy could put into her own business. As Shayla, says, “this is how the whole thing got started”.

Ms. Johnson was excited about sharing her art, but to avoid frustration she reminded herself that “things take time and they’re not going to happen immediately”. Soon after, however, Shayla created her website, had art shows, and even made some money. Shayla wants her guests to enjoy their “Paint Nights”. She describes those evenings as “very chilled and totally relaxed”. Everyone has plenty of food and wine which always makes for a successful event.

Ms. Johnson’s art promotes much thought and discussion. Her piece “Melanin” has different shades of brown so people who have melanin can see themselves in that piece. Shayla says, “you can see yourself in the faces, and this piece truly gives us a voice. Sometimes people don’t have a voice”.

Although the faces of people Shayla knows inspire her work, her style is self-taught and clearly a gift from God.

Only painting on canvass for a year, Shayla, has created several pieces. Her favorite and most recent, “Melanin Love”

The message Shayla would like shared with everyone is that “I want people to look at my work and see themselves or someone they know. Also, there is a voice in the work – that God knows what you are going through, and my work is that voice for you.”



To view more of Shayla’s work visit

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