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Old Hobbies Become New Passions

Written by Whitney Howard 

What does it mean to be an artist? A question that lives with La’Porscha as she progresses into the deep world of artistry.

During our discussion, La’Porscha Smith explores themes of perseverance, and staying true to where her art calls her to be. The reward for her hard work is a unique artistic point of view that flows freely exploring different colors, shapes and themes.

La’ Porscha’s work is consumed by portraits, something that she’s clearly infatuated with-

“I’ve been really intrigued with self-portraits, so it’s getting more of a – I know what I look like, but it’s getting a reflection of myself on the canvas. It’s being able to show the world what I see, and how I see myself, so that piece that I submitted is me.”

Which also happens to be not only La’ Porscha’s obsession, but also many prominent painters. As we look at the works of Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and even Leonardo Da Vinci, we notice that they all have portraits to their name. The most interesting aspect of La Porscha’s infatuation is the importance of how we see ourselves. Every artist has a unique style, whether it is with portraits or with anything else, the idea of seeing a refection of oneself is something that resonates with all artists. With La’ Porscha’s work, she makes a statement about giving people a glimpse of what she sees- and allowing an outsider to step into her world, like that of a Wes Anderson film.

What came to be more of a surprise, was that La Porscha has only been painting for a little over a year-

“I started in August, 2016 so it’s been about a year and a half.”

It’s safe to say that La’Porscha is still novice, but as I observe her work, I see that she’s more than capable of mastery. Her work says something about what’s important to her- one of which she focuses on, is the imperfections of the people in the portraits. One particular piece of work titled Bizzarocode is known for conveying thoughts around body image and imperfections that American culture deems as taboo.

La’Porscha is no stranger to letting the world know about her own imperfections. She states –

“I had had an accident earlier in the year. I passed out and so I had a little cut on my lip, and a mark on my nose, which is not that noticeable. I have a photo on my page – I lost a couple of teeth during that accident. I felt like that shook my mind, I thought, “I should do more self-portraits.” You know, I had the opportunity to look at myself in the mirror before I got teeth replacements, and I looked at myself and thought, “This is you.”

A deep statement, that resonated with me. As I dug deeper into La’Porscha’s words, she seemed to have other aspects influence her style, as well as spark the creative firework in her soul. She said something that really stuck with me, a statement that claimed that art was something that brings us together. It is something that people tend to see as a waste of time, but in actuality is something that inspires, and can often times bring peace.

“I was speaking with someone before, and it’s still art, but it was more like crafts. They knit blankets for people in homes, and they feel better about it because they could be similarly down. They’re family members could have left them there, and they see blankets with yellows, oranges something that’s giving them hope. I think that’s important.”

When I asked about her future endeavors. La’Porscha stated that she was working on a serious titled, We are the Influence, which is a series focusing on uplifting Black artists and providing them with mentors they can look up to.

In addition to her community involvement, La’Porscha has expressed interest in Hyper-realism, and hopes to be working with acrylic, mix media, and oil paints in the future.


To view more of La’Porscha Smith’s work follow her on Instagram @grittygaudygal

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