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Without Imagination There is No Evolution

Written by Regina Herring

With so many things going on in the world around us our fears have increased. Changes, whether good or bad, allow growth in our lives. Art allows us to use our imagination to create changes within us and others. Change is always occurring.

Sonye Locksmith born Sonler Alexandre is an artist who hopes his work inspires and creates change in other. Sonye is the name given to him by a friend while employed at AT&T. He defines it as son = the son of the sun’s ability to create or give energy and ye = our gods being a creator of the creator. He defines Locksmith as the ability to unlock the mind and heart or repair the lock.

Sonye resides in Jacksonville, FL. After his business failed in 2014 when he was a financial agent he reached a low point in his life, became very depressed and even thought about suicide. A lot of opportunities were lost. Sonye decided to do something which he enjoyed as a kid which was painting. He also enjoyed martial arts. He moved to Jacksonville in 2015 and it took 6 months to buy art supplies. On June 24, 2015 which is the anniversary of a friend who died June 24, 2007 he did his first painting. Sonye did not know what he was doing but he felt inspired to create. He got a high he never felt before and he realized art has healed him in ways that no human has been able to.

Painting has helped Sonye to be at peace. He forgets about time, eating and creates out of love on the highest frequency. He creates out of pain, love, drama. Sonye does not follow trends and he rarely takes commissioned work because he feels he cuts himself short and is not feeding his soul. He wants people to look at his art and be inspired to reach their highest potential.

People wear masks and are afraid of taking them off. It’s raw when people take remove the masks, but a lot of people can’t because of fear. Failing many times has allowed Sonye to become fearless. He learned how to pick himself up and keep moving. As a culture, Blacks have generational traumas that have also lead to fear. We have to solve the issues so they won’t be passed on to the next generation.

A lot of Sonye’s paintings are based on inspirational books. One of his personal favorites is titled “Self-Transcendence” which took him over a year to paint. It was never intentionally painted. Sonye tore a bag he got from a store, ripped it and covered his table so he could paint. Over the year it was used as a pallet and he used markers or spray paint over it. One day he lifted a piece he was working on and saw what looked like a man. The piece was black and he saw what looked like a white mask or face. Sonye felt it depicted the evolution of the mind or when darkness becomes light. Another piece “Seeking the Bridge” depicts what he was going through; it’s very strong and has vibrant colors. It grabs your attention.

“On My Way to The Treasure” is an abstract painting based on the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. It’s part of the collection called The Alchemy Collection. An alchemist is someone that can turn metal into gold. Sonye feels he’s an alchemist with his art. He can turn his pain, agony, trauma into something beautiful.

Sonye said if he had unlimited time and resources he would paint and write all day. Travel the world to get inspired and talk to people. He would also paint about empathy, oppression and dabble in surrealism.

His advice for someone in a low point is to tell them “it’s okay to feel how you feel right now. You will feel better. Life is only as beautiful as you make it. Count your blessings. Find your joy. Smile”.

Sonye’s legacy is to be remembered as a badass. He shared his life no matter what so people can be inspired to do what they want to do and become more.

To see more of his amazing work check out his website or on INSTAGRAM: @son_ye


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