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Let Blaque Canvas interview you and find out about the story behind the artwork.


We welcome all minority artists to submit his or her work. Any medium of work is accepted in the following categories:
  • Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpting, Illustration, Designers, Photography, etc)
  • Film & Digital Media (Film, Animation, etc)
  • Movement Arts (Dance, Acting, etc)
  • Music (Singing, Musical Instruments, producing, etc)
  • Culinary Arts (Anything related to cooking as an art form)
  • Cosmetology (Barbers, Hairstylist, Makeup, etc.)
  • Literary Arts (Writers, Authors, Novelist, etc.)


This publication is open to all artists who adhere to our criteria.
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Let's face it, selling art is hard!

Finding customers, online payments, and advertising are all time-consuming things that we as artists have to do if we want to sell our work. It can be overwhelming at times. Why not focus on doing what you love and let the marketing geniuses at Blaque Canvas do the hard work for you! We have a large community of users that love your art just as much as you do. Become a vendor and sell your products to a larger audience looking for works of art just like yours!

The Process is simple, fill out the form below and one of our Blaque reviewers will review your profile and approve it in the coming days. Once approved, you will be able to send your products to Blaque Canvas to sell on our site for a small commission fee. Once, products are sold and shipped, dollars will be deposited into your paypal account. It’s that easy!

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